Based out of Pittsburgh, PA - Walk of Shame blends the best in "Bar/Party" rock with venue-specific entertainment.
Accepting bookings for bars, clubs, festivals, weddings, private events, corporate functions, and more.

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Walk of Shame Band
Walk of Shame Band
Walk of Shame Band
Walk of Shame Band

The perfect entertainment for our perfect day! We first heard of Walk of Shame when my husband and I saw them play at a local bar here in Clarion, PA. I distinctly remember my husband looking at me and saying "if we ever get married, they have to play at our wedding". Several years later, he finally proposed! I instantly contacted the band to see first of all if they do weddings, and their availability. We all agreed on a date and it was smooth sailing from there. They took care of everything from the music and microphones at our private ceremony, music for happy hour, and of course the reception. Everything went so smooth, even when we took an extra half hour for photos the band was able to keep the guests happily occupied. They did everything we asked and included everything we wanted. They put on one hell of a show! Our guests had so much fun that the band actually continued playing for an extra hour! They were so wonderful to deal with throughout everything.”


Our Story

It all started back in 2008 as an excuse to get free beer and impress girls. Fast forward several years and Walk of Shame has grown into Jagermeister’s Premier Party Band. Now, WoS can be seen touring the entire country and playing what they have coined as “The Best in Bar/Party Rock” at some of the top venues around.

The secret to the success of Walk of Shame is simple: The band plays the music that THE PEOPLE want to hear. Have you ever been at a club or event where the musical entertainment just seemed to not connect with the crowd? Was the band playing a bunch of songs that you did not recognize? Were they playing a bunch of great classic rock songs to a crowd of college kids who weren’t even born when the music came out? You think we WANT to play “Timber?” Ok, Spiffy probably does, but still! The point is if the band is playing a bike night, you can expect great classic rock and 80’s music. If the band is playing a college, more modern and pop music will be played. The versatility of the band and ability to adjust to the venue is one of their major selling points.

Walk of Shame specializes in playing NOTHING except the best and most popular songs that are specifically designed to keep your crowd singing, dancing, and drinking along!

The band is nationally endorsed by Jager Music, joining other popular acts such as Anthrax, Buckcherry, Dierks Bentley, Korn, Lil Jon, Lit, Slayer and Staind. What this means for your venue is that the band promotes and supports the Jager brand and has some pretty cool gear to give away to the crowd. You can feel confident that the band will deliver a professional show catered to your specification. The band has performed with acts like Skid Row, Stone Temple Pilots, Third Eye Blind, Tantric, Vanilla Ice, Donnie Iris, and more.