Feb 25

Why We Love Playing Weddings

1 – Everybody is there to have a good time (Except maybe that one ex boyfriend that you remained friends with who assured you that things “wouldn’t get weird” but is found crying in the bathroom after a few Jagerbombs)

2 – Well-dressed people always seem to make it count. (“I didn’t eat for a week and crammed my ass into this dress – I’m dancing!”)

3 – Three Words: Open. Bar. Dude.

4 – There is always that ONE bridesmaid that we get warned about in advance who is the “crazy one.” (At LEAST one.)

5 – In all seriousness, we take being a part of your special day very seriously. Most wedding guests remember 3 things – The food, the booze, and the entertainment. Go with the cheaper chair covers and napkins and throw a hell of a party!

We are taking deposits for 2014 now! Don’t wait!

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