Feb 08

You Say It's Your Birthday?

We made it to 2013! It’s a big week in SHAME. First – Wednesday 1/9 we play at Mario’s Southside Saloon. It also happens to be the birthday of lead singer “Spiffy” Sean Styles so this also serves as a disclaimer for the above-average consumption of Jagerbombs that will occur at the show.

If you’d like something a bit more classy and refined along with the chance to win MILLIONS of dollars, check us out on Friday in Silk’s Lounge at the beautiful Meadows Casino down in Washington, PA. We clean up nice, and work very hard not to offend the 80-year old women playing the penny slots outside the lounge. It’s a work in progress (Maybe “Crazy Bitch” isn’t a good song for them?)

Thanks as always for your support. We’ve got some really big things already popping in 2013, including the addition of Aaron Hreczkosiej on lead guitar. Our New Years Resolution is to learn how to pronounce his last name by 2014.

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